Why Brewver?
Brewver came about basically due to my dissatisfaction with my options as an old school beer rater. Having been a passionate user of one of the well known rating sites since 2010, I grew to love recording my history of beer in an online form which gave so many fun stats across a great community. At the same time the site I loved gradually stagnated with stability issues, unwelcome changes, seemingly not listening to the feedback of the most heavily invested users and falling behind in content compared to the ticking culture of “that big app”. The acquisition of that rating site was the final nail in the coffin.

Giving up on that site is one thing, but where next? The popular app is great for what it is, and the large user base has ensured the most complete data. However, it isn't for me. It's a useful tool but I wanted more history, more stats and ways to relate those to the rest of the community. It feels like fire and forget ticking just for an overall number but nothing past that. Yes there's ways to get stats, but it's just not the same and too limited. Then there's the character limit and the annoying badges!

I wanted something different, something that moves with the times and embraces what has become of the craft beer culture. The beer world has moved on and without accepting that a beer website can never be sustainable. I wanted something that successfully bridged the gap between the old and the new, supporting both the casual ticker and the seasoned reviewer, along with everything in between. Also encouraging the more casual user, giving them both the history and encouragement to get more deeply involved.

Also something truly independent and community driven, something that simply doesn’t exist any more with the buyouts of other sites.

Of course nobody wants to start from scratch on a new site/app though. That’s why Brewver makes it simple to import your ratings from other sites. Your data is your data, and if you ever want it extracted from Brewver, just ask.

It’s early days, but give it a try and get involved. There’s big plans in the works and constant innovation, but without you we’re nothing!