Appearance - 4
Aroma - 8
Overall - 9
Flavor - 8
Texture - 8

An elaboration on the already quite spectacular Nidhoggr theme, which Klaas (the brewer) explained as a further fermented version flavoured with ‘speculoos’ (a kind of spiced cookies typical for the Low Countries), in order to create what is effectively an Omnipollo-esque pastry stout. Sampled at Maldegems Bierfestival. No head apart from some small, mocha-coloured bubbles around the edge which quickly dissolve; very dark chocolate brown with mahogany hue, as good as black in the glass. As expected from a stout this strong – and with the basic version in mind – very intense and desserty, but also complex nose: chocolate liqueur, walnut, caramel sauce, bourbon, lots of speculoos indeed, Tia Maria, kahlua, almond, rosewood, sweet sherry, liquorish, crumble, strong glue-like solvents. Very intense flavour too, sweet and condensed in the onset, very intense ‘chocolateyness’ from the start with some dried fig and yellow raisin notes, very soft and very ‘refined’ carb; long, excessively thick yet still remarkably smooth and ‘drinkable’ toffeeish and chocolatey malt body, with lots of heating liqueurish and whisky-like alcohol in the end – that somehow does not interfere with either the drinkability or the thick layer of spicy-sweet cookie flavour established by the speculoos. In addition, a lovely roasty coffee bitter touch as well as a rosewood-like aromatic complexity make for quite a spectacular finish. Very intense, perfumey pastry stout, a further sweetening of the basic beer, but perhaps just a tad too sweet for me personally; I do prefer the basic version of this mighty stout, but admittedly this is a very interesting experiment and a pleasure to have one – small tasting – glass of.

Tried on 19 Mar 2019 at 10:45