Appearance - 6
Aroma - 8
Overall - 7.5
Flavor - 8
Texture - 6

Smoked ale made for a barbecue shop, in collaboration with the Ministry of Belgian Beer, with Pilsener malt smoked in the shop's own green egg... At Kantien in Ghent, shared by Goedele, cheers dear! Medium thick, regular, pale greyish white, stable head over a hazy copper-hued brownish bronze beer with visible strings of fine sparkling. Aroma of smoked caramel, a bit of smoked ham even, dry beef stock cubes, peanuts, deep-fried tomato peel, candied figs, wormwood, sweet pipe tobacco, sugared and cooking red cabbage, moist toasted bread. Nicely balanced fruitiness in the onset, fig and red apple peel notes, restrained in sweetness with a light umami hint (fried mushrooms and cured meat), medium carbonation, smooth and medium thick, rounded mouthfeel. Caramelly, sweetly nutty and eventually lightly toasty malt body, sweetish with some residual sugars and eventually a very softly bittering edge but soon accompanied by the umami-like smoked factor, close to smoked ham in flavour but not nearly as much as a classic Bamberg Rauchbier; thin metallic edges as well, lingering malt juiciness and dried fruits in the end along with a herbal hop bitter note providing further dryness. Very interesting, smoke beers are still a rarity in Belgium and I love them so for as far as I'm concerned, there cannot be enough of them - though this one could, however well-made and distinguished as a whole it may be, have been a lot smokier, spicier and less sweet for me personally. In their attempt to keep it relatively accessible to the average Belgian consumer, though, this is clearly very cleverly and tastefully done.

Tried from Can on 26 Sep 2017 at 13:42