Appearance - 10
Aroma - 10
Overall - 10
Flavor - 10
Texture - 10

Cantillon's famed geuze made from lambic aged on barrels of vin jaune, a very specific type of wine endemic to the French Jura region and production-wise closer to sherry than to regular wine; tasted from a vintage bottle at Cantillon's own premises during the Quintessence event. Medium thick, regularly shaped, egg-white, moussy but opening head over a hazy golden blonde beer with warmer peachy tinge. Incredibly attractive, quite unique aroma in which the sherry-like properties of the vin jaune are beautifully and quite expressively integrated in the lambic character; the combination of the two breathes impressions of barnyard, yellow curry paste of curry powder, lots of sherry-like nuttiness, sour apples, dusty haystacks, old white port, raw green gherkins, dusty old cupboards, cheese rind, paprika, gooseberries. Crisp, lambic-estery onset, teeming with crabapple and unripe plum, lemon peel edge, sour and a bit puckering at first but softening as the palate progresses into more and more complexity, highlighted by a refined, lambrusco-like carbonation. A soft, wheaty soil carries a structure of lambic and vin jaune merging into one another and producing that typical yellow curry-like aspect again retronasally, raw unpickled gherkin or courgette, walnuts, old sherry or white port wine, dusty old attic and sour apples - too much to break down into details really... Very 'old' woody character, vinegar-tinged sourness in the end, lambic funk and vin jaune nobility stay intertwined in a hugely fascinating manner. I was looking forward to trying this one and it comes as no surprise that it scores so high on this site, this is a unique, utterly complex and immensely interesting lambic - on a par with the greatest drinks of this world, regardless to which type of beverage they belong. This 'beer' was a truly memorable and awe-inspiring experience, glad I sampled this masterpiece, easily the best Cantillon I ever had and most certainly among the very best beers ever for me 'tout court'. With something as absolutely brilliant as this, scores on RateBeer seem petty and irrelevant - so I see no reason why does would not deserve a full 5/5.

Tried from Bottle on 03 May 2018 at 09:07