Appearance - 6
Aroma - 9
Overall - 8.5
Flavor - 8
Texture - 6

Another of the more recent Cantillon grape lambics – constituting a diverse and intricately branched family with classics like Vigneronne, Saint-Lamvinus and the legendary Don Quijote – made with two French grape varieties, one of which (Carignan) has been used by Cantillon before. Pale off-pinkish, mousy, dissipating ring for a head, deep amberish-vermillion red robe, less purple and paler than the Drogone tasted next to it. Quite funky, ‘deep’ and musty aroma of damp haystacks, sour grapes, musty cellar, oxidized red wine, dry rosé wine, strong minerally aspects, cooked mulberries, sweat, damp earth. Sour grape-like fruitiness in the onset, very juicy but tart with notes of redcurrant and lemon rind, medium carbonated with pronounced minerally flavours (though less conspicuously so than in the Drogone); supple wheaty-bread-crusty ‘soil’ under drying grape juice-, grape skin- and lactic sourness, yet this complex and multi-layered acidity somehow refrains from becoming too harshly burning; musty and funky, earthy notes in the finish along with more outspoken grape skin and grape seed astringency, finishing dry and complex. Funkier, more sour, more astringent and ‘deeper’ in lambic character than the Drogone, which probably has to do with age as much as with the grapes themselves and how they have been used. Interesting comparison, my preference would certainly be this one.

Tried from Can on 01 Oct 2019 at 11:59