Appearance - 8
Aroma - 9
Overall - 9
Flavor - 9
Texture - 8

0,1l poured from a Decanter at the Cantillon Tasting at the Arrogant Sour Festival. The Tastig consisted of the following beers: Cantina Giardino (this one), Vin Santo, Blabaer 2018, Balsamic Lambic, Amfora 2013. Unfortunatly for technical reasons I lost my notes from the tasting so here is a sum up from memory. My clear favorite of the tasting. On this the grape / wine side is more present than the lambic. Lovely notes of berries, the smell had even a light smoke side to it. Notes of plums, nutty, marzipan, bit earthy. Overall this is a lovely beer. 9, 4, 9, 4, 18

Tried from Bottle on 05 Jun 2018 at 19:18