Appearance - 5
Aroma - 8
Overall - 8
Flavor - 8.5
Texture - 6

Using new fruits and combinations of fruits is one of those driving forces behind the ‘lambic revival’ of our current time and De Cam has shown considerable effort in this field in the past few years; now Karel Goddeau presents us with this strawberry lambic, which should be interesting to compare with the only true (modern) classic in this segment, Hanssens’ Oudbeitje. De Cam’s version, from a 37.5 cl bottle with cork and muselet, does not start off well: huge gushing, spouting out of the bottle as soon as the cork is removed and continuously flowing out minutes after that – and even though I was prepared for this, I could not avoid losing about ¼ of the content to the sink. Maybe I should have kept and served it cooler, but I like my lambics (and other artisanal beers) at cellar temperature - tops. Initially foamy, yellow-white, thick head quickly collapsing into nothing; murky deep peach blonde robe with cognac-amber hue and small yellowish dots of strawberry flesh (and seeds) sticking to the wall of the glass, as with some hand-squeezed fruit juice. Aroma does have a lot of strong fresh sweet strawberry at least initially – it fades quickly, leaving room for impressions of green strawberry plant leaves, thistles and other green garden weeds, cucumber peel even, unripe nectarine, rhubarb, green plum, raspberry vinegar, lime zest, withering grass, apricot kernel, dirt, urine. Acidic onset, very lemony, combining with that strawberry aroma into something strawberry vinegar-like almost, puckering, but with the strawberry still offering a touch of balancing sweetishness; the carbon dioxide has flown away with the foam, as the mouthfeel is as good as flat – in itself not a problem for a fruit lambic, at least not for me. Wry unripe stonefruit, green leaves, sorrel, cucumber peel and minerals accompany a bready core, severely dried by a combination of fruit acidity and lactic acidity; more yeastiness and ‘dirtiness’ in the end, aspect of strawberry seed (or rather, the actual fruits biologically speaking) tannins, earthy, tart and dirty finish, maintaining that acidity but the strawberry factor offers a touch of background sweetness also in this last stage. Not a bad idea, the basic flavours are interesting though perhaps too ‘green’ and leafy for many; rather crudely executed, however, like other recent De Cam fruit lambics. I have the impression whole strawberry plants, leaves and stalks included, went in here… I think I still prefer Oudbeitje, as fickle as it may be.

Tried on 15 Sep 2021 at 10:28