Appearance - 8
Aroma - 8
Overall - 7.5
Flavor - 7.5
Texture - 8

Raspberry Gose by Dok in Ghent, thanks Craftmember for sharing there - and to Janos, the brewer, for the 'sneek preview' a couple of weeks ago... Moussy, pale pinkish, opening head on a cloudy ruby red beer with deep fuchsia glow. Aroma of raspberry indeed - actual red raspberries but also green raspberry bushes, salted lemon, tomato peel, sourdough, wakame, pickled beetroot. Tart onset, strong lactic acidity combined with additional raspberry sourness - but also a bit of sweetishness; generally quite dry but juicy at the same time from the fruit, slight salty edge growing a bit stronger in the finish, yoghurty kettle sour sharpness, sourdoughy with some wheat soapiness underneath the sourness, the fruit and the salt, ending with a green leaf touch again, remaining low in bitterness, and developing a vague and brief tomato juice-like assocation when the salt blends with the raspberry. The actual fruit offers less sweetness here than is often the case in fruited kettle sours; this one is nicely crisp and juicy from sour but at the same time fleshy fruit and for a fruit Gose showed more complexity than average. Not my genre - but this one is admittedly very good in that genre.

Tried on 15 Sep 2021 at 10:28