Appearance - 8
Aroma - 7.5
Overall - 7.5
Flavor - 7.5
Texture - 8

Strong dark ale - so a quadrupel, basically - as interpreted by Dok; from tap at their premises in Hal 16, Dok Noord, Ghent. Greyish pale beige, tiny-bubbled, open, thinnish head on a very dark chocolate brown beer with burgundy glow. Aroma of caramel, dried dates, old hazelnuts, young 'jenever', 'Koetjesreep', rainwater, damp tree leaves, chewing gum, accent of dusty old coffee powder. Sweet onset with dark-fruity notes, fig, date, dried blueberry hint, softish carb, full and very smooth, slick caramelly malt body with a thin layer of residual sweetness on top but generally very clean for this style, some chocolatey and toasty notes, even a vague and brief hint of coffee bitterness - before warming, gin-like alcohol and a herbal hop accent take over that role, still operating above an essentially caramelly-malt sweet core. Smooth, clean, sleek interpretation of what is intended to mimick broad-marketed commercial things like Kasteelbier, Gulden Draak, Delirium Nocturnum or Verboden Vrucht - and markedly differing from those thanks to that roasty coffee bitter touch, which, combined with that general cleanness and caramelliness, makes me associate this with a Scotch ('wee heavy' the 20th-century Belgian way) rather than quadrupel. Oh well, I guess something as vague as "Belgian strong dark ale" does the job of categorizing this beer best, which is fine with me.

Tried on 15 Sep 2021 at 10:35