Appearance - 6
Aroma - 3.5
Overall - 2.5
Flavor - 3
Texture - 5

The beer starts with a reaction-speed-test. Wanna save your laptop? better act fast. Think NA beers are never gushers? Guess again. After doing a quick save, I was able to enter the beer in the glass, where it gave a hazed blonde, soapy big foam that fades fast. Scent is werid. Metallic? Mild hoppy fruityness, terpentine, wood oil. Only as it warms up, it shows it chlorophenolic base (yumyum!) These are scents I expect when I go to a shop like Gamma, not in a beer :/
Taste is sharp, chlorophenolic, tad sweet, mild bitterness. Terpentine, wood oil.Pretty bad, even for a NA this is not worth drinking. Quite possibly the actual worst NA i've encountered in terms of off-flavors so far. Maybe outclassed by how much I hate it with just... bad beers (like Jupiler NA ) but they even deliver better actual quality than this one. There's a mild 'good' base in here - it's just overpowered by all the negative stuff going on. Hopefully, this is just a bad batch rather than a beer they actually keep producing like this

Tried on 15 Sep 2021 at 10:47