Appearance - 8
Aroma - 7.5
Overall - 8
Flavor - 7.5
Texture - 8

Sampled at the Bokke / Wine event at Gebrande Winning. 4 Pairings were made to showcase the similarities between wine and beer. This pairing was about Tannines, and the wine used was ' Mas Cotelou - La vigne Haute 2017 ' ( pardon me if I (probably) spelled that wrong ) . The beer pours clear, dark redpink, small white ( bit pink) head. Smell is full, very fruity, oaky. Acidity is very mild. Taste is full, milder tartness, beautifull fruityness. Very juicy, cherries, blackberries. Red grapes, very intense. Still in balance ( as I usually don't like tannines all that much ) , as the lambic still shines trough. Dry, tannines are there, yes, but don't overpower.

Tried on 17 Dec 2019 at 12:38