Appearance - 8
Aroma - 9
Overall - 7.5
Flavor - 8
Texture - 8

Thanks Joost for helping me rate a very hard to find beer. You and your wife make great food and are extremely generous even to us American beer geeks. Enjoyed @ DHVL for 125 Euros split 2 ways. Actually, I poured a half glass for some Americans sitting beside me to also try...they also got my dregs which is great..this is an old beer and I’m not convinced the dregs would be any good.

A - Great color. A bronze color with a 2 finger dense cream-like head. fully carbed!!!

S - Smells pretty good for a bottle that’s so old. Aroma is blue cheese, lemon skin, a mild oak and light acidity.

T - Taste is good. Acidity and sour is very well balanced. Peach. Kiwi, tropical fruits and a solid lemon presence. For sure a 3F Geuze with a great overall balance despite its age.

M - Very sticky on the teeth. Really coats the mouth.

O - Very enjoyable! I was given the option to take this home and drink there and honestly, if you are going to rate a beer of this age, enjoy it at the cellar it was bought and stored in and kept for the life of the bottle. To take this away , ship it home and store @ my cellar and drink in a year might have significantly changed things. It was nice to have on-site with some good stew and cheese and frites. Prost.

Tried from Can on 04 May 2015 at 16:28