Appearance - 8
Aroma - 9
Overall - 8.5
Flavor - 7
Texture - 10

Had this today at DHVL. Shared with with Joost and other staff since I was by myself and too full from eating a lot of stew. Very few of these still remain for purchase on-site. none for To-Go. Enjoyed @ cellar temp in a basket in a Geuze glass.

A - Orange and gold color of out only a small bit of sediment. 1 finger of creamy head. Didn’t fade at all very resilient.

S - The nose is very classically 3 F. Musty lemon grass, some salt and very present oak nose with kiwi and mango.

T - I get a minor copper penny taste that starts in the middle and sticks around for a while. Must and rotten apples with oak tannin and some pineapple and fig. Slightly cheesy with lemon and like tartness

M - Mouthfeel is full bodied, still a lot of carbonation and the copper and lemon stick around for a while

O - Like Blauw, I would have loved to have this fresh. Storage and bottle variation so I’ll say I prefer Roze to Blauw but I have no idea how Blauw was kept but this is tasting great for a beer bottled in 2001 (according to Joost).

Tried from Bottle on 14 Nov 2014 at 10:22