Appearance - 10
Aroma - 8
Overall - 8
Flavor - 8
Texture - 10

Acquired in a trade from Mads in Denmark in February of 2013. Allowed this beer to sit horizontal in my basement for 10 months and now I’m ready to open it up on a random Saturday night by myself before a trip. Nothing fancy, just because. Also, temp of this thing is 55 at serving in a Cantillon Tulip. I allowed the glass I poured to sit for 15 minutes to sort of liven up a bit and just sort of chill the fuck out. It was bottled like 10 years ago...best let this beast chill! The cork was perfectly intact but had escaped out of the bottle by a couple of centimeters. The cage held up great.

A - Appearance is on par with Oude Gueuze Vintage 2002-2005 era. Mahogany oak and minor orange notes. A more reddish brown than gueuze being released today. Is that just age? Probably not because the 20 year old gueuze I’ve had from others wasn’t this dark. The cork whisper heavily but did not explode or gush thankfully.

S - There are a few levels to this nose. You can do a one ounce pour, swish heavily and you get this blossom or oranges, lemon skin, wet hay and musty fecal aromas. Then if you let the beer chill out for a bit, it’s this cheesy old shoe with what I’d consider to be the cheesiest basement aroma like the moldiest old stone basement. Something to consider at this age though is storage conditions.If it was kept in an old damp basement, that will certainly influence the nose.

T - This is probably the most orange and lemon forward gueuze I’ve ever had. It’s also the most moldy wet blanket gueuze I’ve ever had. I’m reviewing this beer over a few glasses so I can get the full effect. It’s not really sour, more tart like a lemon, fruity like clementines and moldy, funky just leathery wet hay. It is the most "rotten" tasting gueuze I’ve ever had and, to that effect, I freaking love it!

M - The carbonation is as I expected. Not a huge explosion just a nice cork wisp with a 1 finger head that faded slowly. The beer still explodes nicely on a heavy swish with a Harbaugh approved 15% carbonation (do I really have to explain to him what that means? He’s a freaking science teacher right?) Lingering rotten grapefruit rind sticks around.

O - For what Blauw is trading for now, it’s slowly moving past its prime. The first review was in May of 2005. So that well debated 10 year fall off that Drie Fonteinen gueuze has is starting to hit. I want to say the mold / damp hay I get is totally because of storage conditions which is understandable. Is this worth a case of Framboos? No way. It’s still really freaking delicious and hopefully people rating it now get to have more than an ounce of it. It’s best shared 2-3 ways like most 75CL Gueuze. Amazing this is a whale now but age & bottles in circulation will do that. Personally, Golden Blend, Armand & Tomme, Lente, Zomer and 2007 Oude Gueuze Vintage score higher than this in my book but for different reasons. They’re all younger than this beer and brighter. I prefer them to this but this gueuze was still an experience worth going through.

Tried from Can on 18 Jan 2014 at 14:54