Bottled 15/02/2016. Aaand another infection, bunch of amateurs. Luckily, it magically works here a bit. Still raisins and some of that deep chocolatey notes it should have, but with a lot of red wine vinegar sourness over it. Sharp acidity, red fruit.

Tried from Bottle on 04 Dec 2019 at 23:00


Pretty nice. Nicely sour, lots of wood and lots of wine. Vinous, tannins and lots of red fruit, some sweetness. Sourness is heavy and vinegary, but that works here. Maybe a tad thin, and not as fruity as I'd like.

Tried from Bottle on 01 Nov 2019 at 23:00

Appearance - 6 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 4 | Overall - 7

No pop or gusher, but an awful lot of foam. Highly carbed in drinking too. Black, creamy brown foam. Smells dark chocolate. Smooth mouthfeel, not too thick. Taste is rich, roasty and bitter. Great chocolateyness, bourbon is subtle But that carb..

Tried from Bottle on 31 Aug 2020 at 22:00


Great smell, licorice root, wood, bourbon. Tastes quite sweet, maybe too much. Otherwise more as the smell, powerful taste, great balance.

Tried from Bottle on 29 Jun 2017 at 22:00


Quite sweet and malty. Woody, fruity and vinous. Lots of flavors going on, all of them nice, but not that heavy or boozy. A very nice beer.

Tried from Bottle on 28 Dec 2016 at 23:00


These BDs aren't convincing me so far. Pretty decent BA stout, but sooo much barrel that the base is lost. Pretty thin, boozy and reasonably smooth. Barrel gives a lot of peat. Mostly normally way too expensive for the result. Fine for a festival.

Tried from Bottle on 01 Nov 2019 at 23:00


Bottle #1887. Very dark brown heading into black, some decent carbonation. Smell is peaty, whisky, lingering. A bit thin, but oily. Taste is heavy peaty, iodine, big coffee, with a nice bitterness. Some whisky. Post reveal: guessed right.

Tried from Bottle on 26 Mar 2021 at 23:00


Bottle 267/2000. Blind tasting. Looks flat, dark reddish brown and thin. Boozy smell, bit of peat. Thin body. Taste is heavy and boozy. Bit of peaty whisky, coffee, some wood. Not too much barrel. Homebrew aroma. Pretty good, not great.

Tried from Bottle on 17 Oct 2019 at 22:00


An oldie! Slight pop, no gusher, no sour smell. Little bit dusty at first, but that's reasonable. Black, bit of brown foam. Smells umami, dusty. First taste is bitter, smoky. Opens up rather well, and the peach arrives more and more at the foreground.

Tried from Bottle on 22 Oct 2020 at 22:00

Bb 03/2014. One of those that I'd never expect to find. A bit old, vinegar in the smell but hardly in the taste. Tastes a bit smoky, lots of sweet chocolate, coffee, and a tiny bit coffee. Getting dusty, though.

Tried from Bottle on 13 Mar 2018 at 23:00

Peaty, sweet and alcoholic. Turned into some sort of weird liqueur-beer-whisky hybrid. Fun, for once. No beer, no rating.

Tried from Bottle on 09 Nov 2018 at 23:00

Appearance - 6 | Aroma - 8.5 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 4 | Overall - 7.5

Big gusher, luckily managed to avoid it getting over my keyboard. Biig roasty, dark chocolate smell. Thick mouthfeel, high carbonation. Taste is metallic at first, followed by massive roast and a heavy bitterness. Nice flavours, but carbonation annoys me.

Tried from Bottle on 25 Sep 2019 at 22:00

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 6.5 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 5 | Overall - 7.5

2016 vintage. No gusher! Very high on carbonation, though, pretty sharp mouthfeel, not very thick. Smell is roasty, metallic. Taste is metallic, lots of coffee roast, and heavy bitterness. Oldschool style RIS, but clearly with some flaws. Still enjoyable.

Tried from Bottle on 01 Mar 2020 at 23:00


Bottled 18/02/16. Quite interesting. Not as sour by far as expected. Sweet raisins from the pannepot, tons of wood, tannins from the wine. Sweet, fruity, vinous and deep. Complex, but maybe was on barrels a bit too long, seems a tad dusty?

Tried from Bottle on 22 Dec 2018 at 23:00


uge amount of carbonation, opening this bottle increases global warming. Surprisingly light. Banana wheat, some rum, but not a lot considering the time it spent on barrel. Paired with an exquisite dessert.

Tried from Bottle on 13 Dec 2018 at 23:00

Appearance - 6 | Aroma - 8.5 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 10 | Overall - 8.5

05/04/21. Deep dark reddish purple, massively chunky, big bubbles of pink. Smells sweet, cheesecake, some berries. Crazy thick and gluggy. Taste is sweet, light sourness, loads of berries, and indeed cheesecake bottom. Madness, on the far edge of beer.

Tried from Can on 25 Sep 2021 at 22:00

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8.5 | Texture - 6 | Overall - 8

Almost clear, good yellow colour. Smells lightly floral, bit of alcohol, some honey. Soft mouthfeel, bit of alcohol heat, slightly thin but does linger nicely. Taste is sweet mead, lovely soft and subtle elderflower. Very nicely balanced, but bit thin.

Tried on 25 Sep 2021 at 22:00

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 9 | Overall - 8.5

Black, fine light brown head. Smells roasty, hints of dark chocolate, some wood and wine. Not too thick, but very smooth, with decent carbonation. Taste is an interesting counterplay of roasty malts and sweet red wine. Fruity, toasty, woody, sweet, tart?

Tried from Can on 25 Sep 2021 at 22:00

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 8.5 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 10 | Overall - 8

(Listed as Menu Pineau at pub but clearly not made with white grapes). Floral cherry, grape, malt, and hay aroma. Hazy ruby red with minimal head. Mildly sweet grape, malt, moderately sour vinegar/Brett, and mildly bitter grass/fresh hay flavor. Excellent body and balance.

Tried from Draft on 26 Sep 2021 at 03:53