Bottled on 21-09-16. Glad I can try one of this series fresh. Solid hoppyness, nice and bitter. Good mouthfeel, backbone complements nicely.

Tried from Bottle on 17 Oct 2016 at 22:00


Bottled 09-11-2018. Not very interesting, description fits: halfway between a saison and a pale ale. Hoppy bitterness, yeasty, a bit of straw. Light, easy to drink. A bit high on the carbonation, too much for me, but otherwise a pretty OK beer.

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 27 Oct 2019 at 23:00


Loads of tea, too much. Very fruity, reminds of home-made lemonade or something. Greenish color. Interesting experiment.

Tried from Draft at Borefts Bier Festival on 23 Sep 2016 at 22:00


Not great. Metallic flavor, don't spot the honey and can't identify the licorice. Not really working.

Tried from Draft at Borefts Bier Festival on 23 Sep 2016 at 22:00


Bottled 18-07-17. Interesting. Very thick and rich. Salty, creamy, umami indeed. Miso and shiitake, even seaweed. Quite bitter. Complex!

Tried from Bottle from SpeciaalBierPakket.nl / Drankenhandel Leiden on 30 Oct 2017 at 23:00


Bottled 12-06-18. Not tart at all, just light and fruity. Easy drinking, refreshing, mineola shines through nicely and is complemented with some hops. Fairly dry. Summery, and maybe a bit dull.

Tried from Bottle from Drinks & Gifts on 16 Jul 2018 at 22:00


Sweetish hoppy wheat ale. Quite sweet, soft and fruity. Soft bitterness, lingering grassy aftertaste. Summery indeed!

Tried from Can on 17 Jul 2017 at 22:00


Tried from Draft at De Pintelier on 03 Nov 2015 at 23:00


Bottled 14-08-17. Incredibly thick and super sweet. Muddy and caramelly, with a touch of chocolate. Lovely bit of chilli heat in the background, not super spicy, but clearly there. Maybe just a bit too sweet to be great, this baby needs smoke or licorice.

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 14 May 2018 at 22:00

Bottled 24-12-2014. Intense is the right word. Powerful herbal bitterness. Moderate sweet, some acidity even. Dense but not sticky. Decent.

Tried from Bottle on 03 Aug 2016 at 22:00


Bottled 11-07-17. Fairly hoppy red ale. Very easy drinking, reasonably bitter, some sweet roastedness. Not bad, bit watery, though.

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 24 Jul 2017 at 22:00


Bottled 19-10-2015. All the flavors of the base, but under a blanket of peatyness. Just a hint of chilli remains. Different, but delicious.

Tried from Bottle at The Beershop Online - formely known as De Molen Beershop on 04 Sep 2017 at 22:00


29/8/17: Bottled 14-07-16. Less chocolate milk, more bitter cacao than I remember. Subtle chilli heat, dark salty caramel. Amazingly rich and creamy.

Tried from Bottle on 21 Nov 2015 at 23:00


Bottled 22-08-17. Yum, sweet in a good way. Cognaccy indeed, little bit of vanilla, some fig, tiny bit of wood. Lovely body, very smooth.

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 18 Dec 2017 at 23:00

Appearance - 9 | Aroma - 5.5 | Flavor - 4 | Texture - 3 | Overall - 4

Lemon, barley malt and straw aroma. Pale yellow with large white head. Mildly sweet lemon, light barley malt, and mildly bitter straw flavor. Very light body. No off flavors - just very light.

Tried from Can on 20 Jun 2021 at 01:51

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8.5 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8.5

052021 "Brain Dead". Gorgeous super hazy soft yellow, white head. Smells hoppy, tiny bit herbal, plenty of fruit. Soft mouthfeel, with the tinsiest burn at the end. Taste is very well balanced between bitter and sweet, with lovely fruityness. Real good.

Tried from Can on 19 Jun 2021 at 22:00

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 7.5

Banana, orange, clove, wheat malt, and straw aroma. Slightly hazy golden yellow with moderate head. Moderately sweet banana, orange, strong clove, wheat malt, and mildly bitter straw flavor. Good body. Pretty good - clove heavy.

Tried from Can on 20 Jun 2021 at 01:18

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 8

Bottle thanks to sjogro. Black with tan head. Cinnamon, lots of roasted malts, bourbon, spicy wood, cognac, vanilla, chocolate. Solid sweet, boozy bitter. Over medium bodied with a bit dry alcoholic finish. This is really nice, but also very alcoholic. Not as good as classic Parabola.

Tried from Bottle on 19 Jun 2021 at 23:16

Appearance - 6 | Aroma - 3 | Flavor - 4 | Texture - 4 | Overall - 4

50cl can at home (19 VI 2021), as Steam Brew Imperial Stout. A firm collar of beige and off brown colour, topping a somewhat clear black brew with reddish gloom. The nose has atypical flavours, ranging cassonade sugar sweets, almost classic Belgian malts and few yeasty notes. It has some oxblood features as well, perhaps some cabbage or leaves, albeit nothing very outspoken. The body is nothing strong - despite its 7.5% ABV - and the mouthfeel is light. The tongue has different sweet-malt-rye sensations and ginger-bitter finish, with a keen pilsener feel. Think of a sugary schwartzbier or a highly caramelised lager. Not the proclaimed imperial stout touch I expected, alas. The catchphrase of this can goes by 'Let's oil the gears of life': I'm fine with that, but this is not the brew to do this.

Tried from Can on 18 Jun 2021 at 22:44

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 6 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 7

Can shared. Hazy pale straw to even greenish, small white head. Dry green apple, grassy, flowery hops,light spices, mineral. Light sweet and sour, bit more bitter. Over light bodied, medium dry finish. Bit bland, but the hops do help.

Tried from Can on 19 Jun 2021 at 22:43