Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 1998 (50th Anniversary)

Oude Geuze 1998 (50th Anniversary)


Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen in Lot, Flemish Brabant, Belgium 🇧🇪

Lambic Style - Gueuze Regular Out of Production
ABV: 6.0% IBU: - Ticks: 27
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Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8.5 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8.5

75cl bottle @ Tilquin admin gathering, merci Pierre. Bottled 21 nov 1998.
Dorée-virant sur orange, col fin blanc-cassé. Bouteille montrant encore tout sa vivacité pour plus de 20ans.
Arôme est plaisant, fleuri-funk et boisé avec un léger rétro 'musty' rappelant la la vieille cave humide, petite note de grains - lambic en rétro-nasal.
Palais est funk, fleurs séchées, petite pointe oxydée, côté léger de jasmin avec un léger retrait oscillant sur le sucre candi caramélisé, pointe cave-toile araignée.

Tried from Bottle on 18 Mar 2020 at 20:36

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 9 | Texture - 10 | Overall - 10

Bottle shared @ Akkurat. Pours lightly hazy golden with large white head. Aromas of citrus, lemon, light dust, apricots, leather, sweet oak. Taste has lots of candied apricots, oranges, lightly dusty notes, leather, light citrussy acidity, green grapes, apples, gooseberries, lightly oaky finish. Fucking incredible bottle.

Tried from Bottle on 06 Nov 2019 at 16:55


Utlenienie w slodkie klimaty, ale takie mile raczej, kapke nutek niebieskiego serka plesniowego, kwasnosc niska, slodyczy sporo, nie ma jakichs piwnicznych nut praktycznie. Moze naciagam ciut, ale ryli bardzo smaczne. Tylko zaskakujaco puste zarazem. 3.9-

Tried from Draft at Mikkeller Bar Warsaw on 05 Oct 2019 at 16:04

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 9 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 9

Dutch Ratebeer Meeting. This was the highlight of the evening! Foams heavily. Lemon, oak and honey in the aroma. Very soft and silky, especially for a geuze. Well balanced, not too much sourness, maybe some sharp edges. Oak, mandarin and apple in the complex flavor. Some rubber. Complex, but should gain further depth. Grapefruit and oak aftertaste. It's a very good geuze, but there is room for further improvement.

Tried on 26 Aug 2019 at 12:07

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 9 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 9

750ml bottle at Akkurat, stockholm. Hazy dark orange color with white head. Malty and yeasty aroma, funky, dusty, barnyard notes, wood, citrusy fruity, light nutty. Sweet and moderate to heavy acidic taste. Medium oily body with soft carbonation.

Tried from Bottle on 10 Dec 2018 at 22:38

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 10 | Flavor - 10 | Texture - 10 | Overall - 10

The legendary special blend made in 1998 for the fiftieth anniversary of the Drie Fonteinen blendery, released in 2000 as a one-off, and the first to bear Felix De Boeck's Nightlights (a Flemish 1977 painting) on its label, later reused on the Oude Geuze Vintage. Never thought I would ever get the chance to taste this legend, but Akkurat had a few bottles left apparently and I was more than happy to pay the 1295 SEK they charged per bottle - considering the skyrocketing prices whales like this generate on the black market, it seemed proportionally very reasonable. Fun to see how nervous the waiter was when he had to open the bottle, quite a solemn moment really. And after twenty years, this geuze was still very much alive: some gushing was apparently inevitable but with minimal loss (not more than, say, 5 SEK or so…). Thick and very frothy, off-white, lightly lacing and slowly opening but largely stable head on a misty straw blonde robe with warm peachy tinge and lively sparkling - looking like a bottle of no more than a year old. Ancient damp cellar and decades old wine from said cellar cover the original profile like an ornamental blanket, a profile consisting of ripe peaches, sour apple, oxidized white wine, haystack, very old dry sherry, moldy lemon peel, moist jute cloth, green plum peel, sour grapes, old artisanal cider, barnyard, faint hint of chlorine - all the fine elements I am looking for in a top quality 'oude' geuze. Softly and complexely estery onset, wryness of grape and plum peel soaked in gooseberry and crabapple sourness with a softer pear- and peach-like edge, yet nowhere descending into a harshly burning acidity and enlivened by a perfectly measured, cava-like sparkling on the tongue. A soft, bready 'soil' carries the esters onwards with pear and gooseberry remaining the most prominent impressions, towards a 'brut', highly complex, dense but still refreshing finish in which the musty cellar and very old wine notes are accompanied by hayish and leathery Brettanomyces effects on top and wet wood tannins below, the latter quite long-stretched and eventually bittered by a dim, structurally essential and perfectly positioned, very late hop bitter touch. The tartness carries on, adorned by the woody effects and the noble effects of elegant aging. I have held this producer in very high esteem ever since I first put a Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze to my lips a couple of decades ago, but this absolute masterpiece of a geuze was a real honour to taste, all the more so because age has not demolished its basic structure: on the contrary, the ancient wine and musty cellar merely oversee the funky, estery complexity with great care and nobility. Underneath these charming old age aspects still lies a perfectly refreshing, perfectly solid, complex and bright geuze, internally untouched by age, like the roguishly twinkling blue eyes of a weather-beaten old man's face still betraying his soul's eternal youth. Before I get even more lyrical: among the most masterful geuzes I ever had the pleasure to taste, one I had been dreaming of for a long time, and one to reverentially bow one's head for when it happens to cross one's path. Granting it a perfect score is the only option I have on this site.

Tried from Bottle on 30 Aug 2018 at 18:03

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 10 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 9

Bottle at SinH4-5K-MoritzF-10k tasting. Pours cloudy amber with a decent head. Aroma is horse blanket, cherry pip, champagne, some citrus. Body is medium but quite intense in taste, almost a bit boozy. Quite sweet to balance the healthy acidity, fruity too. Palate is slightly metallic, but otherwise rather dry and bitter. Very good!

Tried from Bottle on 12 Oct 2017 at 15:15

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8.5

Bottle from the cellar, good condition. Deep dark golden, golden foam. Light spongy, fennel, wet leather, a hint tar. Dry, mellow, sparkly. Fermented grilled lemons, raspberries, a bit sponge, rubber, rural notes, rubber seal and iodine retronasal. Given the age quite wonderful. Old rating from RBESG 2008, grand tasting: 9 3 9 4 18 Cloudy yellow, creamyb head. Sour/citric.Citrus, milk acid wood. Beautiful balance. Mellow bubbly. Mildew retronasal. Beautiful.

Tried from Bottle on 31 Aug 2017 at 12:24

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 9

Bottle, rating #5000, many thanks jonas! Hazy orange color with super fluffy white head. Aroma is funky lemon, earthy, just a touch of burnt bread. Taste is earthy, lemony, with again only a touch of the 3 Fonteinen-typical burnt bread, apple funk, a tiny note of vinegar and leather. Lively carbonation, silky mouthfeel. Amazing stuff, still after all these years, although I'm pretty sure it would have been better 2-3 years ago.

Tried from Bottle on 31 Aug 2017 at 12:24

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 10 | Texture - 10 | Overall - 10

Bottle shared at the Moeder Lambic cellar session 2015. Pours hazy orange golden with a small to medium off white head. Aroma has a beautiful funk, dry dusty cellar, cobwebs, light minty notes, light citrus and tart fruits. Flavour is light moderate sour. Medium bodied with soft carbonation. Absolutely beautiful stuff, reminiscent of millennium geuze.

Tried from Bottle on 03 Oct 2015 at 14:44