Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Cask 200 (Batch 9)

Cask 200 (Batch 9)
(Batch of Cask 200)


Sante Adairius Rustic Ales in Capitola, California, United States 🇺🇸

Sour Ale Regular
ABV: 6.5% IBU: - Ticks: 21
Named after our 660 gallon “oval”, Cask 200 is a celebration of the unexpected and on experiment in variation. Each time we package a portion of its contents, fresh beer is added back to Cask 200 to mix and re-ferment with the aged beer still inside. While this solera-style saison will vary with each bottling, you can expect a delicate malt base supported by funky, yeast-derived flavors and a dry, acidic finish. Sante!

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Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 8 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8

Semi-hazy golden pour with a fine-grained white head and visible carbonation. Notes of citrus, gooseberries, oak, saison funk, flowery hops, a bit of white wine vinegar. Soft, light, well-balanced and easy to drink.

Tried from Bottle on 03 Jun 2020 at 17:01