Dok Brewing Company Zytholoog Van De Citra

Zytholoog Van De Citra


Dok Brewing Company in Gent, East Flanders, Belgium 🇧🇪

IPA Regular
ABV: 7.0% IBU: - Ticks: 2
Single hop IPA waarbij we tijdens zeven verschillende fasen Citra hebben toegevoegd. 5x In de kookketel, 1x tijdens de gisting en 1x na de gisting. Citra in al zijn schoonheid en gelaagdheid.
Soms heb je gewoon zin in een classic Citra IPA... Wel dit is er zo eentje.

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Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 7

Pours unclear, hazed blonde. Medium white, creamy head. Scent is full, tad soapy. Bit green. not as citric as expected. Taste is full, tad citric, light body, medium bitter. Bit green, tad grainy, not in perfect balance to me.

Tried on 25 Nov 2021 at 10:55

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7.5 | Flavor - 6.5 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8

‘Ordinary’ IPA, as Dok itself puts it, single-hopped with Citra, with a name seemingly making fun of all these self-proclaimed zythologists we see these days, carrying a Syntra diploma in their pocket... Thanks to Meeki for sharing the can. Snow white, medium thick, irregularly edged, opening head on a cloudy apricot blonde beer with beige-ish tinge. Aroma of raw onion (weirdly), butter (diacetyl?), soggy biscuit, cranberry paté, shallot, unripe apricot, grapefruit zest, light DMS note in the background. Cleanly fruity onset, unripe banana and apricot notes, lively and minerally carbonation, smooth peanutty and dry-biscuity maltiness with grainy edge, bittered by a long, grassy, citrus pith-like hoppiness while this DMS aspect unfortunately returns. Many brewers these days churn out ‘compromise’ IPAs sharing characteristics of both the West Coast tradition and the New England idiom – compare with the new ‘mountain IPA’ idea in the United States – and often this kind of non-specific, generous, ‘allround’ IPAs are clean, fruity and moderately bitter without exaggerating at any point; this one, though intended as such, is anything but generic, with a particular raw onion-like aspect to it that I have not encountered this way before, certainly not in Citra-single-hopped IPAs. What bothered me more, however, was that DMS note that kept returning, something which does not often occur in Dok beers – I have to repeat here what I already stated in my review of Dokkystyle (their other new IPA): perhaps brewing two new beers a week is a bit much guys, it is better to concentrate on refining and embellishing the best of the many recipes you already have, I think…

Tried on 11 Nov 2021 at 15:38