Established in 2006

Line Brew Bottlers

Commercial Brewery in Kayrat, Karasay district, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ώ
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Kayrat, Karasay district

Line Brew Bottlers was founded in 2006. Three years later we officially opened a plant for high-quality beer production in the best Belgian traditions. Innovative technologies and the best Austrian equipment, used in the plant, guarantee the production of 4.5-5 million litres of beer per year.

Line Brew brand includes natural, pollution-free products made of artesian water, excellent quality German malts, aromatic grades of Czech an German hops and the best Belgian brewing yeast cultures.

We produce and sell beer under the following trademarks: Line Brew Premium Lager, Line Brew Wheat Beer, Line Brew Karmeliet Beer, Stara Praha, Buchenberg, Prazacka, Pegas, Zhaylau Zhigulevskoe. The beer is bottled in a volume of 0.33 litres in an exclusively designed glass, as well as in kegs of 15, 20 and 30 litres.

In the long term, Line Brew Bottlers aims to produce natural deeply filtrated fresh water under the Line Brew brand, which will be matched in quality to world-known trademarks such as SPA, Evian and VOSS.


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