Established in 2013


Cidery in Hood River, Oregon, United States 🇺🇸

305 Morton Rd
Hood River, OR

Riverside Farms is a 5th generation family farm. Its orchards grow fine apples & pears which are then crafted into unique farmhouse ciders and perrys.

Back in 1886, Riverside Farms grew from JW Morton’s desire to grow the finest fruit and vegetable crops in the Columbia Gorge. Since then, generation after generation have invested in continuing the legacy and mission to produce the highest quality fruit here in the Gorge.

Since the 1800’s J.W. Morton and his decedents have enjoyed turning their apples and pears into delicious tasting ciders. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that the process of producing this cider for the wider public was commenced. Over the last several years the family and farm staff have dedicated countless hours to perfecting the cider making process, to create nothing but the purest, and finest of ciders with all natural, GMO-free ingredients, which are always naturally gluten free. We are dedicated to using our very own, family farm grown fruit, and any additional flavor additives are always natural and sourced locally.

The first batch of this modern version of our family’s cider was bottled and tested in 2013 and the decision to launch into the professional cider market was made within that year. Since we have always been a small family farm that worked within the local community we decided to keep all stages of the production on our farm, and in 2014 we invested in a “cider barn”. This on-site facility enables us to have the highest of quality control, and unlike many other cider producers, means we are there for every step of its production. We truly produce a product that is from farm to table.


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