Established in 2006

The Brewerie at Union Station

Brewpub in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States 🇺🇸

123 W 14th St
Erie, PA

+1 (814) 454-2200

The Brewerie opened its doors back in 2006 as Erie’s lone brew pub and restaurant. Before that time, finding a craft beer downtown was a difficult proposition. Finding a local craft beer was an impossible one. So with beer in our blood {in the most literal and figurative sense} we set out to create beer that we liked, food that we enjoyed and a space that was unique and unconventional. And along the way, support local people & businesses that support us. That was our mission. Our vision was lofty and ambitious: To help revitalize downtown Erie & the historic Union Station... one pint at a time. Our philosophy was simple and “C-centric”: CRAFT a great product. CARE for our staff and patrons. And be COMMUNITY focused & driven. Years later, that’s all still at the heart of what we do. Brewing some good.


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