Bull Run Cider

in Forest Grove, Oregon, United States 🇺🇸



Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 7.5

Vintage bottle found during the move to Brooklyn. Bought this on letspour.com back in the day. 2012 label. Batch: 006. Bottled: 3213(huh?) Rare Vos glass. Clear, amber gold, faintly fizzy brew. Smells of bitter, oaky apples. Rum & lightly browned/macerated. Tastes of bitter apple core, chardonnay butter, vanilla, cedar(?), & a tiny bit of yeast. Only lightly sharp, with moderate acid. Robust for the abv. Flatting out, but it makes for a creamy, tasty still.

Tried from Bottle on 04 Jan 2018 at 21:05

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