The things I write are rubbish and got even more rubbish after I quit another site and was just making notes for myself. So, sorry about the weak reviewing. Oh, and as you can probably see, I'm a generous scorer!

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Slight onion funkiness, is that chinook? I can’t remember. Nice stuff, lots of hops. Good’un

Tried from Draft at Small World on 10 Jun 2022 at 15:07


tokyobeerdrinker added a new beer Isohiyodori by Inkhorn Brewing
2 months ago


tokyobeerdrinker added a new brewery: Inkhorn Brewing located in Japan
2 months ago


Quite funky. Something floral too. Maybe a touch of some saison in there but the ume is the main focus.

Tried from Draft at Gremlin on 10 Jun 2022 at 15:01


It was fine if a bit uninspiring and then I found out it has gelatine in it, so that means I shouldn't have had it, and has made me not want to look for it again.

Tried from Draft at Gremlin on 06 Jun 2022 at 14:00


tokyobeerdrinker updated a beer: Lucky Seven (Shichifukujin) brewed by Kyoto Brewing Company
2 months ago