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Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 7

Pours unclear blonde, small white head. Scent is very phenolic, milder on the hops. Taste is full, fairly creamy, restrained bitterness, but it does end a bit burning . Milder aroma, NZ style hops rather than the expected USA. Not as soft and gentle as I like them, and far from a typical NEIPA.

Tried on 02 Jan 2023 at 09:55

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 7.5

Pours unclear blonde, medium sized white head. Scent is full, saison yeast phenols, grainy and full. Taste is sharp, bitter but also a tad tart. Funky phenols. Rough and raw, bitter finish. Grainy. Bit thin, slightly higher carbonation, some brett. Kinda strange, but I don't hate it !

Tried on 02 Jan 2023 at 09:53

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 7

Pours rather clear blonde. Medium sized white head. Scent is full, green, stangely herbal, yet smooth hops. Taste is full, fairly bitter, herbal and raw, vegetal hoppyness. Full on, bitter finish. Nice.

Tried on 02 Jan 2023 at 09:52

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 6 | Flavor - 6 | Texture - 6 | Overall - 6

As a fan of the concept of non alcoholic beers, it's a great thing to see a first NA trappist ! The beer pours - hugely to my surprise - dark copperbrown. Medium sized , seemingly stable cream-white head. Scent is generic NA, tad nuttyness as well (chestnut), caramel, but all deeply covered by the common and generic, commercial-beer-NA scent of unnatural sweet impressions. Taste is overly so as well - generic, sweet, boring, and easy to tell it's NA. pearl necklace candy, toned-dpwn-sugary fruityness (but harldy natural). Whiff of caramel. Not great, not even within the commercial beers. At least different in color, to the generic blonde I expected...

Tried on 27 Dec 2022 at 15:25

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 7.5 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 6 | Overall - 7.5

Pours a medium dark amber-brown, surprisingly clear. Small, stable white head. Scent is mildly showing it's age ( this beer was originally brewed for one of my 10k beers, which was an Icebock of this one. However, I never tried this one fresh, and decided for whatever reason to age all my bottles of Ymir basebeer) , but dried fruits are very recognizable, whiff of caramel, fairly complex dark breadyness as well. very vineous, I could be tricked to think this was aged on red wine barrels for sure. Taste is showing a surprising amount of bitterness, over a fairly thin body - both are surprising elements compared to my expectations. High to very high carbo, still very vineous, as it's got some acidity just like a wine does - it's not at all a sour beer though. Shame for the overcarbonation, otherwise a more than fair basebeer - yet so very different to what I expected. These could take a few more years, I reccon !

Tried on 24 Dec 2022 at 22:06

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 7 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 6 | Overall - 7.5

Light gusher. pours clear pale blonde, soapy, yet relatively stable white head. Scent is saison phenolic, bit straight forward but certainly not bad. Taste is very sharp ( overcarbed aspect doesn't help that) dry, to the bitter side. A bit of a generic, yet enjoyable, yet overcarbonated classical BE saison style. Ends a bit iffy, def not sweet, but not as dry as I would have expected. Still, refreshing and enjoyable, even with the extreme carbonation level.

Tried on 24 Dec 2022 at 19:04


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1 month ago

Appearance - 7 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 6.5 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 7

Pours black, small to no tanned head. Scent is roast, coffee, chocolate, sweet, milkchocolate. Taste is quite bitter, shows some age, aged chocolate to be more specific, cloves. Mild coffee. Medium body (only) medium low carbo.

Tried on 22 Dec 2022 at 22:12