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Setting - 6 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - 6 | Value - 7 | Overall - 6

I can only echo other people’s opinion. Hard to rate because we were there on a special occasion and I’m not sure that they’re used to handling 40 people at once at such speed. Ok ambiance, I’d visit it again. Ok food, bit oddly served. The selection was very interesting but I really don’t know if it’s usually like that. Still, quite a few rare beers were to be found there. 3/7/10/6/-/13

Setting - 8 | Selection - 4 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 6

A nice little Bavarian style brewpub/restaurant in the center of Budapest. The beers are very good for Hungary. The Vilagos and the Szüretten are nice, the Barna not as much. Around 1.50 Euros for 0.3l. The service was fast, quite friendly and helpful, but the place seems chaotic (doubly so when you don’t speak Hungarian and are in a hurry I guess). Haven’t tried the food but I’ll do it next time I’m in Budapest. A must visit when in Budapest. 4/8/6/-/-/14

Setting - 6 | Selection - 5 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

It started brewing again this year and I finally got to visit it. Easy to find, on the edge of Jastrebarsko’s main square. The place was almost empty on a Friday afternoon, with just a few regulars around. Maybe there were more people on the second floor. There’s a TV and there was a radio playing, tuned to the station located just across the square, which played crappy songs that lacked even trash value. The waitress was fast, efficient and did her job well. Wooden tables and chairs, simple, confortable, but the look lacked without much originality... not that that’s important. They have the pale and the wheat on tap (they haven’t revived the dark), and Bavaria, Bavaria Malt and Heineken in bottles, with a solid selection of wines and other beverages. Their own beers are quite good, not flashy but nice enough. No food as far as I know (could be wrong). Well worth the 40 minute bus trip if you’re in Zagreb for more than one or two days. 3/8/7/-/-/15

Setting - 6 | Selection - 6 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 7

A hotel slash restaurant slash brewpub located in the old part of Graz, on a tiny, but lovely little square. We got there around three, and while the place wasn’t exactly packed with people, it was quite busy. They have a good selection of beers. The Glöckl beers are ok, but the brewpub carries a selection of Scheider beers (Aventinus etc.). There seemed to be many bartenders, and our first order was delivered quickly. The second order, however, didn’t go all that smoothly. It took a lot longer and we only got one of the two beers we ordered. We repeated the order, but didn’t get anything. The bill came fast though. They do have a lot of rooms and I’m sure that they were quite busy, but that wasn’t right. Anyway, it’s a nice place and I’ll visit it again. Update: Well, it would seem that I end up here every time I go to Graz, whether I want it or not (as it’s the only craft(oid) beer place we know of in central Graz after Dom closed) so I guess an update is in order. The service is hit & miss, the guy who served us last week was efficient and did his best to be helpful though (+1 on service). The selection is pretty consistent. Their Glöckl Bräu, the Zwickl, a much appreciated good Schneider assortment (ok prices, but 3.40€ for the bottled n/a wheat got the "o rly" reaction from us) and a seasonal depending on the time of year (Fastenbier, Sommerbier, ?, Bock). The food can be a hit & miss too, the meat might be good, but the vegetables were sub par on at least one occasion (from the freezer?). All in all, unless I’m able to find some place with a good selection and better value, I’m bound to end up here again, at least until I catch all the seasonals... 3/6/9/7/7/13

Setting - 8 | Selection - 8 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 8 | Overall - 8

Located in the old part of Graz, right next to the main cathedral. The atmosphere inside is quite pleasant. We visited it around noon, so there were more patrons who came just for food, not for the beer (which looked and smelled good, but we didn’t eat anything). Plenty of places to sit. Very friendly staff, but not very fast (more than tolerable though). The Dom Bräu are fine, and you can get them bottle conditioned as well. Their site wasn’t up to date, but we were more than pleasantly surprised when we found out that the special was Weizenbock instead of, as we thought Helles Extraleicht. A good selection of bottled beers from some micros near Graz. Their menu system could be improved, as we only found out about those by accident, as they were mentioned on a single sheet of paper somewhere on one of the windows near the door. Still, it’s a great place to spend an hour or three while in Graz.4/9/12/-/-/16

Setting - 6 | Selection - 7 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 7

Review from 2012:
Oh, man... how low have the mighty fallen. The first pub/company to bring Belgian beers to Croatia on a major scale, the first to sell Lambic in Croatia, now is in many ways a pale shade of what it once was. And it was to be expected I guess... It’s been a couple of years since they started cutting costs - the "wall of water" got turned off, and the beer selection got smaller and smaller. Now, they have 41 different beers overall, 3 of them both on tap and in bottle. And only one (1) out of at least 10-15 Belgian beers that remain from the original 100ish was available. Such a shame. The service is still good, the atmosphere, even without the wall of water, unchanged, the prices still not exactly perfect but better than some, but it’s no longer a must-stop for a beer geek. It will remain the place to go before of after a movie at the mall with my girlfriend or friends, but I doubt I’ll ever return here just for a new beer. I hope that their venture with a beer store fares well, though its location in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Zagreb doesn’t help one bit. 3/9/9/-/-/14

Rating from 29.12.2006 & late 2008:
Located in the first "basement" floor of the Branimir Centar complex... easy to reach. Almost always crowded, this has become one of the "places to be", which is great for them, but not all that brilliant for the average beer enthusiast. It’s closed quite often for private parties and such "events". Still, one can easily find a place before 7PM I guess. The architecture is quite... odd and erratic, but ok I guess. The service tends to be very polite and relatively knowledgeable (more so than the average patron), and they try to do their best I guess. The selection is extremely good, and consists entirely out of Belgian beers. Some classics, some crappy ones, but the selection can satisfy everyone... and even despite that, a lot of people go there and order coffee (which I don’t mind much, but some do). The only food available is some pretzels, which I never tried. It’s a nice place, expensive in some ways, but it will definitely draw a lot of people to the world of craft beer. 3/9/13/-/-/17

Setting - 10 | Selection - 7 | Service - 10 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 8

The place with the best selection of Belgian beers in Croatia. Located in the Gornji Grad, in a relatively plain, but easy to get to sidestreet (compared to its surroundings). As can be seen from the name, this was quite heavily inspired by Tolkien’s work, and a lots of coctails and drinks have names inspired by that. The beers on tap (well tended to from what I’ve seen) never change (Erdinger HW and DW, Fischers Stiftungsbrau (damn rare), Guinness, Harp and at least one more I can’t think of), but the bottle selection does a lot. Still, there are always at least 20 different beers available, mostly Belgian, and very rare for Croatia. The service is great, fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. The coffee is of very high quality, so, if you’re not in the mood for a beer this works too. The prices are relatively high, but rightly so in my opinion. The patio is in the shade. The place isn’t big, but it’s really worth visiting. 5/10/10/-/-/16

Setting - 6 | Selection - 5 | Service - 6 | Food - 7 | Value - 7 | Overall - 6

December 2005:
Nice and cozy little pizzeria/pub. Nice (for Slovenia) beers, a good pizza selection. The waiters were hard to catch even in a place this small (and half full), not too polite (I did decide to play dumb and speak in Croatian though, but they understood me.. maybe it was a bad moment), but fast and efficient. 3/6/7/-/-/14

Setting - 7 | Selection - 5 | Service - 4 | Food - 8 | Value - 8 | Overall - 6

10 years+ have passed since Zlatno Pivo / Zlatni Medo has replaced Medvedgrad at this location. Reckon it’s time for a rerate and elaboration. This is a very big place at a very attractive location at the intersection of two major streets in downtown Zagreb. Solid wooden tables, nice Central European - style pub interior with some interesting touches (a bit dedicated to local archaeological finds). It can be a bit empty, it can be filled with obnoxious live music, it can be nice and pleasant. Ambiance changes with the crowd and the event from 1 to 5. But it’s nice in general, with the obvious knock-off acquiring some charm of its own. The beers... they vary, they vary a lot. Gone are the days of sour batches and undrinkable diacetyl & generally flaw riddled hit & misses, but they still vary in quality - the pale lager is at rare times what might be the best classic pale lager on the market but it also might be boring and slightly flawed. Really batch-dependent. A year ago they finally expanded the range a little bit, adding the first true new beer - a weizen. Which went soon from, well, classic, murky yellow golden and OK to strange, brown, flat and vaguely flawed. Some other beers they announced never came to fruition apparently. Still, things are moving in that department. At least there are no macros sold along with their stuff anymore. Anyway. The staff. There are some good waiters there, there really are, polite, efficient, etc. However,I have had and have heard of so many bad experiences that it’s insane! Rudeness, bungled orders without any inclination to fix things, phantom drinks and food on bills (especially bad for groups, paying immediately recommended) some of which were crazy really (as in double what we have ordered and had). And not on days where the place is filled to the brim so they could be excused for being overworked. And don’t expect them to know anything really about the beer they are selling. Again, props to, say, the guy who went to apologize to us without prompt after his one of his colleagues came to order us to quiet down for NO REASON. A group of 15 people who have had both food and a couple of rounds of drinks and were not bothering anyone. I mean come on. But that’s unfortunately an exception to the rule. Even the polite, decent ones have been known to bungle orders. Now, back to the pros - the food. The best čvarkuše I’ve had anywhere I’d reckon. The price to size and quality ratios are actually quite good too. Good grilled meat. Generally classic Central European fare I guess. Not the best in town perhaps, but if the staff didn’t seem like it was actually trying to turn guests away more than keep them, I’d definitely go here more often. 3/4/9/8/-/14

13.04.2006 review: Aah. I was damn happy to see a brewpub open where Medvedgrad used to be. The location is near my university, and it has provided a great place to go out with my friends after classes. The place is... well... It looks like a shade of Medvedgrad really. It’s nice, with those solid wooden tables, and there always being somewhere to sit down, but some of the old Medvedgrad charm has gone (those mugs and pitchers for example). The staff seems friendlier though. The beer is slightly inferior to Medvedgrad (just a tad), but the food seems to be better (again, just by a tad). The all too obvious mimicking of Medvedgrad is a bit annoying, but this is a nice place in its own right, with a great location. 3/6/8/8/-/15

Setting - 8 | Selection - 8 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 9 | Overall - 9

As Ogi said, an impressive beer list (their black n/a was interesting) and a typical country tavern look. The tables were just waiting for 4 old men to drink beer and play some card game on them. They seemed to be quite enthusiastic about the blind tasting, and handled that ok. The pieces of brown bread with butter and cheese were nice but I really can’t rate food based on that. The only real minus is a lack of a proper toilet in men’s restrooms. A must visit when in the area!