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Appearance - 9 | Aroma - 9 | Flavor - 8.5 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 9

BB 10 years after packaging, 330ml bottle

APPEARANCE: deep brown color, cola, chestnut and red-ish hues under the light, small ring of beige colored tiny bubbles on the side of the glass

AROMA: deep and rich barely wine aromatics, not overly sweet on the nose; toasted sugars, melting brown sugar, dark caramel, clearly noticeable marzipan and nutt oils, dried herbs, dried fruits like raisins and figs, impressions of melting sweet chocolate fudge, light bourbon barrel character in the background, notes of wood, spicy bourbon, not much of vanilla to be honest, hints of smoke and umami vibe; alcohol is remarkably well hidden for 13.5% abv, just sutble spicy note, no booze or heat

TASTE: smooth and soft carbonation helps to spread the flavors, first two sipps really oily, coating and chewy, then slightly thins out, glides nicely down, medium full to full body (not overly full); massive sweet onset of melting and toasted sugars but again not overly cloying at least not for my palate, brown sugar and syrup for days, liquid raisins and figs, a lot of residual sweetness at the finish with light spicy bourbon note, savory and mineral notes in the aftertaste along with soft tannic bitterness from the barrels; less nutty on the flavors as suggested on the aroma; very mild plum brandy note, subtle toasted coconut chips; alcohol is masterfully hidden, glides down with ease; moderate dryness with lingering bourbon, hints of smoke and minerals

OVERALL: it delivers what you expect from barley wine with light bourbon character; layers of sweetness are nicely cut by spicy and slightly peppery bourbon; dangerously drinkable and enjoyable sipper; barrel character is nicely integrated but I do miss a bit more or fullness for such a big beer; nonetheless world class BA barley wine;

Tried from Bottle from Pivoljub - The First Beer Shop in Slovenia on 30 Dec 2020 at 20:01

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SDavor added a new beer Paragon 2019 by Lervig
1 year ago

Appearance - 6 | Aroma - 6 | Flavor - 7 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 7

BB 07/11/2021, 330 ml swing top bottle

APPEARANCE: strong smoky bang at the opening, small amount of the foam appears on the top of the bottle but no gushing; murky goldento bright ice tea like color with light haze and quite a lot of floating chunks, a big snow white crackling head that dissipated quite quickly in to small ring of bubbly islands; with the sediment quite hazy pear and peach juice like color

AROMA: slightly restrained on the nose, light to moderate sweetness of toasted malts and candi sugar, soft alcohol mixed with fruity esters of banana, apricot, subtle pear and peach, no obvious typicall tripel phenols, hints of white grapes/raisins, subtle wood and old grass

TASTE: fluffy bubbles, slightly lively but not effervescent, sharp or numbing carbonation, medium light body, slightly slick and oily mouthfeel but also a bit wet on the edges; moderate sweet sugary onset but not overly sweet or cloying at all, light candi sugar/candy vibe in the middle, sweet toast, notes of corn bread and sweet grains on the edges, lack of fruity esters and spicy phenols, light noble hop bitterness with notes of grass, old flowers and subtle wood; a bit mineral, very soft citrusy note, very mild spicy alcohol whit no heat or glow therefore remarkably well hidden

OVERALL: very traditional and easy drinkable 10% abv triple, luckily not on the cloying side and no off-flavors; lacks in yeast profile; brewing at full moon didn't bring anything special to this beer

Tried from Bottle from Za Popen't Pivoteka on 30 Dec 2020 at 16:27

Appearance - 10 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 9 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8.5

Vintage 2016, BB 25/10/2021, 330ml bottle, bought at Craft Pivo beer shop (out of business) in Ljubljana, Slovenia

APPEARANCE: old motor oil, blackish color with deep brown hues under the light, creamy beige to brown head, quite lasting, nice lacing

AROMA: very pastry forward, loads of melting chocolate fudge, milk chocolate, cocoa powder, brownies, brown sugar, hints of vanilla, sweet festive bread, hints of red dried fruits (candied cherries and raspberry), mild notes of glazed nuts, sweet coffee, light roasted malts underneath, restrained caramel and luckily not lactose forward

TASTE: smooth carbonation, medium to medium full body, slightly silky and oily mouthfeel, very appropriate for Imperial Porter; surprisingly not overly sweet onset, brown sugar, bitter chocolate, way more nutty in the flavor that in the aroma, impression of walnut oil; quite firm roasted bitterness of chicory, loads of bitter barley coffee, soft vinous and berry like tartness, notes of plums, prunes and figs, spicy plum brandy like alcohol at the backend but not harsh or boozy, mild umami presence and grassy/green notes

OVERALL: holds very well for 2016 vintage, very harmonious and easy drinkable for Imperial Porter as it should be in comparison with more heavy IS or RIS; really good base beer with old school character; I'm pleasantly surprised by that one and collaboration with Buxton always delivers solid experience; after 2016/2017 Omnipollo got a bit silly with that adjuncts and tones of lactose in my mind;

Tried from Bottle on 27 Dec 2020 at 20:58


SDavor updated a beer: Styrian Boi - Regional at Best Series brewed by Lobik Craft Brewery
1 year ago

Appearance - 8 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 9 | Texture - 8 | Overall - 8

BB 02/10/2024, Batch 037B, 330ml bottle

APPEARANCE: crystal gold color, small white head with big bubbles on the side of the glass, islands of tiny bubbles in the middle, raising carbonation; with the sediment dark peach juice color with red-ish hues from berries and red wine barrel

AROMA: fresh raspberries and strawberries in the foreground, no obvious blueberries on the nose, moderate fruit sweetness, berry jam/marmalade, hints of red wine on the edges, smooth funk from wild yeasts that doesn't overpower, hints of bread dough, musty cellar, berry seeds, soft lactic presence, fresh lemon juice, subtle sulphur

TASTE: well dosed carbonation (not effervescent or sharp), creamy and fluffy bubble formation, medium light body, very crisp, refreshing and mineral mouthfeel, light dryness, not puckering at all; light sweet onset from malts and ripe berries, more noticeable strawberries in the flavor than raspberries, again no blueberries for me; very pleasant tartness that is not offensive at all, mouthwatering effect, nice red wine character on the edges - juicy red grapes and hints of wet and dry barrel/wood; less funky on the palate as suggested in the nose; soft fresh lemon juice bite with pinch of salt

OVERALL: very well crafted, all aspects are covered but I do miss blueberries; easy drinkable and not offensive at all therefore very suitable for none experienced sour/wild ale drinkers at least in my opinion;

Tried from Bottle from Pivoljub - The First Beer Shop in Slovenia on 27 Dec 2020 at 17:30


SDavor updated a beer: Prototypical Session Sour brewed by BrewDog OverWorks
1 year ago

Appearance - 9 | Aroma - 8 | Flavor - 7.5 | Texture - 7 | Overall - 8

BB 07/02/2022, Lot 325f3/D3 (Lass es knacken!), collab with Schwarzbräu from Krumbach, Austria; 330ml bottle

APPEARANCE: deep copper & caramel like color with light chill haze without sediment, beige lasting head with very tiny bubbles, good lacing

AROMA: rich malty sweetness of toasted sugars, caramel, toffee, biscuit with topped with brown sugar, festive sweet bread with dried fruits like raisins and plums, candied orange, perfume, impression of tropical garden, hints of honey, very soft tartness in the background; I'm not getting any obvious nutt character on the nose; alcohol is remarkably well hidden

TASTE: smooth and creamy carbonation, medium plus body, slightly syrupy and oily texture, not bold; medium sweet onset (not cloying at all) of toasted sugars, caramel, some residual sweetness in the backend and aftertaste, candy, light spiciness at the end in form of white pepper and gentle alcohol (not boozy at all), light bitterness of citrus zest, herbs and subtle old grass/hay, hints of wood, no nuttiness for me

OVERALL: dangerously drinkable BW with perfectly hidden alcohol, not overly complex and surprisingly clean on the palate; feels more like amped double pale bock in my opinion; nonetheless very enjoyable on cold and windy winter night

Tried from Bottle from BeerLovers (Heineken) on 26 Dec 2020 at 22:13