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Setting - 8 | Selection - 9 | Service - 9 | Food - 10 | Value - 9 | Overall - 9

Funny that I haven’t reviewed this one yet. Used to be located next to La Source but across it now in the same foodhall. They do hot sauce (really good), kimchi, pickled veggies, interesting drinks selection including a beer made specially for them. Slightly higher prices but really good selection. They also do brunch on Sunday, we did the vegan version once, really high quality at a really reasonable price, awesome & highly recommended.

Setting - 10 | Selection - 9 | Service - 6 | Food - 9 | Value - 5 | Overall - 8

Massive hall with chandeliers, horse in the back, laughing mirrors & purple lightning in the toiled, looks like a set for 8 ½ or something. Service was confusing, bar service only but than they switched to table service but they didn’t tell it was bar service only or gave a menu when we asked for a spot so we sat confused for a while. Bar service from 6 people but we were with 5 only. Took a while to sort things out. Surréalist beers are great, food was amazing but in way too small portions with supposed main dishes which were a snack at most running from 13 – 21 euro. There are also 17 euro starts. Food was amazing in taste but you would need 3+ dishes for a meal which would be expensive. This place felt like it needed just a small nudge to work. Make a more clear drinks only menu or explain how the service works (2 people only working for all service) or make a more expensive fancier restaurant menu or make clearer snacks. People asked for a burger and if it had fries or side-dishes, no apparently they don’t agree with that concept. We tried the two vegan options. The name shouldn’t justify an experience this messy. Might stop by again to drink at the bar but not a whole experience unless if they find some focus.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

Right across the street from Cantillon. You can see the barrels, nice glass window, most the building is empty and bare, cool display of wines and beer. More wine than expected, beer from a French farmhouse style brewery which is apparently good but I have never heard of, Tilquin (including a box which I haven’t seen before) & L’Ermitage beers obviously. Brewery level prices for L’Ermitage beers & slightly up, okay prices for TIlquin but not great either. Interesting store whose target or purpose I cannot fully place to justify an affair this large. Service was disinterested. I assume they used it mainly to BA beers & decided to have a shop as a side hustle for extra income.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - 6 | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

Located inside a renovated castle, the place looks gorgeous. Might have integrated the castle even a bit more but some parts are separate to rent for events. Lovely garden in the back, looks awesome. Shop at the entrance with gift packs of beer. Quick, efficient service. 16 taps, half their brand & half Emelisse for which they bought the license and brew themselves I believe. They do flights and have a bottle menu with smaller local breweries and some classics. Emelisse beers, tried 2 I had way, way back and they weren’t the same anymore, simple, syrupy, BPA had no discernable hops & Espresso RIS no discernable espresso, tried one more thing, wasn’t too crazy. Doable all but not great, still drinkable beer & lovely venue. Options for all diets here, tried the vegan bitterballen (okay but bit dull) & vegan loaded nachos (way too dull but eatable). Definitely does get point for venue and being a chill place, beer is doable.


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Setting - 7 | Selection - 6 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 6

Strijp-S located. Surprisingly large venue with quite a large brewery visible for what I presumed to be a smaller brewpub (never seen their beers before). They had about a dozen beers on tap with a fair amount from them and beers from the likes of De Nevel. They do flights, 5 for 10 €. We did one, NL style BE style beers, poor triple etc. plus a doable Session IPA, murky porter, wheat beer etc. Beer is doable largely but weaker homebrewer /kit beer level, tastes like a middling NL brewery from a decade ago. Service was very friendly and lively. Loads of food options, Smørrebrød, tapas etc. with options for all dietary requirements. Definity better than Het Veem brewery across the street but just not that great beer quality wise and there is far more in Eindhoven. Their beer is also available in cans.


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