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Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

This seems to be the one proper craft beer bar in Iasi, you would expect a bit more with this being a student town. Located between two building on the main street but easy to find with a sign. They have a bit more than a dozzen taps, including about 5 from local Iasi breweries which makes it a great place to try them. Some bigger international names as import. QR menu, pizza + burgers for food and fair prices. Not hugely exciting, tad too crowded for me but a fine bar for sure. Large crowded room, fair place . Quick efficient service.


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2 weeks ago

Setting - 7 | Selection - 8 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

Right next to Beer O'Clock, sharing a toilet and probably the same owners. More slick and aimed at geekier drinkers, went from almost a full room to almost no one being there. Tap prices are far higher, highest I saw anywhere but also most imports I saw anywhere, Amager and the likes, Romanian stuff is more stout & IIIPA. Lots of stuff out on the menu but some interesting BA beers for okay prices and I found a Romanian kettlesour that I dug. Woman working being the bar was very friendly and passionate about Romanian stout, bit intense so but fair enough. Interesting to pick up something different, bit too elevated, geeky as well in a way that feels a tad like we want to get more money.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 8 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

One giant room, in the center with right about every tourist, vague Delirium vibes, one woman doing an astonishingly efficient service and had great knowledge of beer. The beer selection is so much more adventurous than you would expect they had not only a rare Alvinne but Hair of the Dog as well besides a full Schneider range. The five Romanian beers on tap were okay priced, not the most exciting serviceable, mainstream menu for most but some odd surprised if you read tough. They can get you pizza's here. The acoustics of this place with some people was deafening, bit better than expected but still it is what it is.

Setting - 10 | Selection - 9 | Service - 8 | Food - 8 | Value - 8 | Overall - 9

What an amazing place it is 150+ years old built in Gothic style, it looks halfway between an old beer hall and a cathedral in the best way, architecture of that era still to be found, a blessing. It is a prime tourist destination, they could have just cashed in a become a tourist trap, I had two glasses of their beer, one was just spectacular, svetly of the highest regions, other one was very good, some variation but this is just peak beer. Bit extensive food menu, tried a fave bean dip which was nice. Service is super quick since they have internal texting system that you can even log in onto. Blessing to have this still, essential. There is other beer and good amount of wine, spirits, the other beer is not interesting but why would you bother. Pricier dishes are probably worth given some of the portions that I saw.

Setting - 4 | Selection - 4 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 4 | Overall - 4

Located in residential area with "Golden Age" apartment buildings. Two massive rooms and even more terrace, place is huge and fully deserved when I was there, not a single person visited. Not sure if normal or just missed the peak hour? It is an Indian restaurant with a huge meat fixture, fine since no way would have eaten here anyway. The pictures in the menu didn't see it either. 4 beers available, tried a wit beer that was a low carb low buttery thick mess of a thing. A curiosity but the beer is crap and it doesn't look like the food it worth bothering with, good service.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 6

Located on a large boulevard with upscale stores. Massive sign, craft beer. I showed up not knowing that happy hour would have been an hour latter, they do loads of deals. Service geared towards tipping, they soft push tipping, service was worth the tip so there is that. They do burgers and food stuff. Modern, clean slick, 11 taps. Pils, IPA, Belgian, Stout etc. Beer was priced quite well, the beer and it all felt like a larger brewery doing craft, IPL & IPA that I tried, first a collab with Hop Hooligans were both okay and drinkable but malty beers that aren't really something to get existed about. They had about a 20 or so bottles available as well. Well done and everything but nothing to get excited over. Solid but not exciting.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 9 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 9 | Overall - 8

Big place, modern place, just outside of the center - center area. It looks like a brewery taproom, warehouse but I don't think it is, loads of people. Interesting visual look, one side burgers and food, other side 20+ taps of Ironic beers and a very interesting selection of Romanian beer, everything available in 100 ml. and multitudes of it for decent prices. I didn't see bottles or cans. Not sure if they even do either. Could have used a small touch more character but great stuff for sure. Good service and loads to try and great picked selection. Just could use a bit more of personal touch or some clear branding around the brewery. Music choice when visited was wild tough, all Quasimoto - honnestly a blessing after so many bars with terrible dad rock.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

Located in a suburb not far from Hop Hooligans. Looks very much like a local bar, looks like the living room of a pre-WWII house, cool. Only a very small number of locals when visiting hanging out outside or watching F1 in silence. It felt a bit too much like I had intruded a private party. There are bar cats that you can pet. Music was dad rock and nu metal, same songs as always. Beer selection was big BE & DE beers plus a selection of Wicked Barrel and Hop Hooligans. Bit too of a local / private affair when visited but not a bad bar per se.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 10 | Service - 8 | Food - | Value - 10 | Overall - 9

Visited twice upon visit in the evening. Patio upfront with a street food place doing USA style food with corn dogs and deep-fried snickers at one of the visits. Interior is nice modern wood, the space could have been used a bit more optimally but maybe it would have felt too crowded then. Some wonderful visual touches to the place. I was always going to love this place 20 taps Hop Hooligans whose beer I just adore, full range, had a horse radish & wasabi beer that I loved so much, also sout, NE IPA, IIIPA etc. 400 ml. pours for lights beers, 200 ml. pour options for stronger beers but you can get those in 400 ml. as well, prices are on par with everything else in town, the had a few guests including an aubergine / tomato gose, service was bitten to the point but no faulting them. Number of fridges with more Hop Hooligan beers including a stout selection that I dug in some imports but didn't pay too much attention to that. The fridges were malfunction tough I figure since everything had a layer of water on top of it. This one is such an easy win for me given just how much I enjoyed all the beers. It is like a Mikkeller bar in a way but with good prices and better beer largely done better. I defiantly meant the later as a compliment.