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Taster with lunch. Bitter, boozy, lots of body. Sweet figs add nicely, loads of coffee, even raisins shine through lightly.

Tried from Draft at Brouwcafé de Molen on 13 Jul 2017 at 22:00


Bottled 06-01-17. Interesting. Supersmooth, lots of caramelly, chocolaty sweetness, bitterish aftertaste, slight spicy rye-kick. I like it!

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 15 May 2017 at 22:00


Bottled 26-02-2016. Salt, bourbon, smoked and smthwine-ish are all there, but the imperial saison must have run off. Very flakey, almost like drinking a snow globe. Flavorwise: salty! Followed by bourbon, biiig boozy note, warming, rich and malty sweet.

Tried from Bottle at Brouwcafé de Molen on 04 Jun 2018 at 22:00


Pretty bitter, easy drinking, some roast. Not much apple, neither as fruit nor as juice. Needs more sweetness, body or actually apple. Bit disappointing, one of those failed Borefts recipes that aren't undrinkable, but just a waste.

Tried from Draft at Borefts Bier Festival on 26 Sep 2019 at 22:00

Unfortunately well past its prime. Some maltyness, but most of the hop freshness has gone. Still bitter.

Tried from Bottle on 30 Sep 2016 at 22:00

Bottled 17-08-2015. BB 17/8/16. Despite its age explosively hoppy. Dense and creamy. Heavy bitter, resiny, lingering bitter aftertaste. Wow.

Tried from Bottle on 22 Sep 2016 at 22:00


Bottled 10-05-2016. Lots of caramelly sweetness, yet also fairly bitter. Grassy hoppyness. Quite dense, lots of thick foam. Nice stuff!

Tried from Bottle on 19 Dec 2016 at 23:00


Good stuff, but not sure if it fully works. Esra on its own I love because of the thick, salty, umami flavor profile. Here the bourbon overpowers, lots of barrel, woody, buttery. Now it's just another very good BBA stout/porter.

Tried from Draft at Borefts Bier Festival on 20 Sep 2018 at 22:00


DvdP updated a beer: Tsarina Esra Woodford Reserve BA brewed by Brouwerij De Molen
1 day ago


Bottled 01-04-2015, but definitely not a joke. Bottle #438. Good head of foam, smells fruity and vinous. Tastes super vinous, sweet, woody and fruity. Underneath a rich, porter. Soft, smooth, raisins. Hint of peat? Stunning.

Tried from Bottle at The Beershop Online - formely known as De Molen Beershop on 15 Oct 2018 at 22:00