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15222 of 16340 XP to reach level 36

A user's level determined by gaining XP (Experience Points) for various contributions on Brewver. The more you contribute, the more XP you gain.

It's not just about drinking beer, it's about adding the latest breweries and beers in your area, helping others by listing new venues and generally helping the community.

Each level requires progressively more XP to reach, and there are some restrictions. Bad adds that are removed will not count towards the total for example.

The XP you get is based on the following contributions:

Category Contribution XP Given
BeerScored Tick2
BeerDetailed Tick3
BeerFull Review Tick5
BeerAdd a New Beer3
BeerUpdate Beer Details1
BreweryAdd a New Brewery5
BreweryUpdate Brewery Details1
VenueScored Tick2
VenueDetailed Tick3
VenueFull Review Tick5
VenueAdd a New Venue3
VenueUpdate Venue Details1
GeneralSubmit a Correction2