Setting - 9 | Selection - 8 | Service - 8 | Food - 7 | Value - 7 | Overall - 9

Visited on a Saturday afternoon, from 16:00 hrs on. Turned out to be their 1Y anniversary party, great stuff! Large outdoor seating area, lots of picknick tables and other seatings, part sheltered. Indoor is industrial, small tables, seems mostly for dining. Food menu is limited but looked good. Beer menu consists mainly of high quality lagers and some sours. Their own Taverno pils by Axiom is highly quaffable, also great to see 5L party kegs of e.g. Knoblach, Weiherer, Schlenkerla, etc. Also great to see some anstich kegs of Knoblach etc. Like I said, high quality lagers/quaffable beers are their forté. Great service. 10-15 min walk from the ferry. Highly recommended.

Setting - 8 | Selection - 9 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 8 | Overall - 9

Definitly worth a stop. They usually have something nice, dont expect uber rare things, but a general nice selection. If you are into lambic, pretty good to find some Tilquins. Lots of different styles and prices, also quite a bit of Hazy stuff. Overall very nice place.

Setting - 8 | Selection - 9 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 8 | Overall - 9

I have been before, but I guess I never left a review. Great place a bit south of the center. Lively area. They have quite a few tables outside (when warmer), nice tap list, but I am usually more interested in the bottle list. List time I had some Vermeersch, who I think is still a home brewer, so its nice these beers are available. Overall very recommended.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 7

A large space with a large outdoor space as well in an office park. Open and airy, but staff area bit stiff. Flights at a reasonable price for Dallas and a large variety of beers. Not great but pretty decent.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 6 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

Located out of the town near the port, the brewery tap room isn’t so big with the bar and a few tables inside, along with an outdoor terrace which actually has a nice sunset view.

I think I came at a bad time as only 3 of their beers were available on tap, along with one guest. I’d really hoped to try more of their beers while visiting, particularly as they do flights. Shame.

Still a nice spot to sit for some beers well away from the bustle of the old town. Worth a visit if you have enough time in Dubrovnik.