Setting - 10
Selection - 4
Service - 4
Food -
Value - 6
Overall - 6

Only two reasons to go here really. Firstly, they have a house beer / brewery tick. That's ok, nothing special. Secondly, the place is absolutely beautiful! Don't be tempted to sit outside, even if it's a hot day, the inside is the good bit. It's like an old church with the bar as the alter at the end. Pictures show it best though, so just check out my pic and see!

Other than that, there's no reason to recommend. It's busy, food is expensive (we didn't eat here) and service is slow. Beer selection is small and mostly macro focussed. Well worth stopping by to grab the tick and see the place though.

As a side note, they do a great breakfast deal until midday. Less than 5 euros with a coffee. You can also order beer though I choose not to at that time of day. Nice experience though. Quieter for course than the evening.

Visited on 20 Jul 2021 at 18:00

Caru' cu Bere in Bucharest, Romania