Setting - 9
Selection - 8
Service - 10
Food -
Value - 8
Overall - 8

The garage of Kevin and Suzan, that provides a service as a beershop, that houses a brewery ( Malcroys, also producing the beers brewed by Felis) . Pretty small, you'd think ? Than you're not thinking quality! This couple made their garage super-dark (avoiding skunk) and temperature controlled (avoiding trans-2-Nonenal). The selection is done by Kevin ( it's mostly his shop, anyway). An opinionated individual. Even though I don't 100 % agree with some of his selection, I love the fact that he puts actual thoughts into it. He truly believes in the beers (and brewers) he sells, and he does the best he can to provide you the bottles in the best stored-quality.

Needless to say, beers of Felis and Malcroys are found the most easely at this place. It's not a taproom ( imagine THAT also being implemented in the few squared meters) but it's hard to leave without them opening a beer or 2.

As for the selection, as I stated before, I don't neccesarily agree with it 100% , but I don't have to - that's the beauty of it. Kevin selects the beers HE likes, and a lot of them are also great to me. The other ones ? I don't need to but them, there's enough gems here anyways.

Small location with big idea's, big personas, and probably one of the biggest boosts of quality to the Belgian average - where even some of the best bottleshops think it's OK to store their beers outside, whatever weather conditions may be. I wish them best of luck and truly hope this small grain is a planted seed for others to follow, so it grows and florish, and we could finally start dreaming of a landscape where all shops ( or at least most of them) actually have a clue about what they're doing.

Visited on 11 Oct 2021 at 12:19