Setting - 10 | Selection - 5 | Service - 7 | Food - 9 | Value - 7 | Overall - 8

On the main strip in Custer. Beers are decent and food is pretty good - obviously this place is going to be busy during the summer. Nice stop and much better than the average tourist area restaurant.

Setting - 10 | Selection - 9 | Service - 10 | Food - | Value - 10 | Overall - 10

Something new for me: a RFID technology bar. You get a bracelet when you come in. Then all the taps are self-serve with glassware under the taps - you tap the bracelet on a spot over the tap and then pour your own beer . Beers are charged by the ounce so you can pour as little or as much as you want. It's a tickers paradise! Great selection of local and regional beers. Also have ciders and wine by the ounce. I cannot rave enough about this place. Such a great concept - allows you to tick or just have a beer exactly the size you want. And given this is a very popular tourist area, it should be a big hit for visitors - large selection of South/North Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa (specifically Toppling Goliath) beers. They have food - you order using the QR code on the table and bring it to you (I didn't eat so can't comment on that). An absolutely must visit if in the area.

Setting - 8 | Selection - 8 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 8 | Overall - 8

Visited June 2021.
Relatively small place but with a nice beer selection. 12 taps, mainly spanish on my visit. They do flights. Beer served in good condition. Friendly staff and good music. Top-notch place and a must if you are in Oviedo.

Setting - 6 | Selection - 5 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 4 | Overall - 6

It's primarily a bakery. I just noticed the cans through the window. They have (at the time of writing 5 different Verdant cans and 1 Oliver cider, all 44cl and priced at 4.50. It looks like an experiment. I hope it works as I like Verdant beers

Setting - 8 | Selection - 8 | Service - 9 | Food - 8 | Value - 8 | Overall - 8

It's still the same interior as the old Beer Loves Food bar, not much Mikkeller branding yet, but also luckily not a dark sterile galary still interior :-) Tap list wa snot filled out completely yet, but a nice sampling of More Beer offerings, Mikkellers from Europe and US, Baghaven and some guests. Good selection of different styles.

Had some snacks that were decent, the food menu looked nice, need to try more food. Really nice service. Just a great craft beer bar, well done.