Setting - 7 | Selection - 3 | Service - 6 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 3

Nothing really excited from a craft beer point of view, it's a pretty standard bar with a fair sized terrace centrally located. It offers a little more than the norm with it's selection of Križevačko beers and some Belgian standards. For me it made for a handy tick stop during sightseeing but nothing more really.

Setting - 8 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 8 | Overall - 8

Off the beaten track local - it is technically in Borgerhout, next to its former town hall, rather than Antwerpen - and breathing an atmosphere from a bygone age. Not only the panelling, furniture, no-table-service (our British visitors will feel at home immediately), decoration, but also the veneration of sports and cycling in particular will set the stage. That been said, it is actually pretty welcoming in character, and service (at the bar) is very friendly even to the occasional newbie. Spacious outside terrace. The choice might be less than in the classic beerspots, I bet you will find something new and certainly didn't expect. There are only six taps, two of which are changing, but even one of those keeps well inside the Moortgat portfolio. There are maybe a good 100 bottles, and there's always promotion of something peculiar. Not convinced? Try to find the beers from Mescan brewery next to Croagh Padraig in Mayo, elsewhere in Belgium! On my first visit, the promotion bottles came from a brand-new micro in Brussels. To find what is there, look around, as nineteenth century crayon is the way of advertising. Maybe one caveat, if you come for the beer, avoid cycling highdays...

Setting - 7 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 6 | Overall - 7

A very nice industrial setting with a huge sitting area and a small patio. Large selection of beers, mainly IPA's. Service was OK, but nothing special. This is not a slight on this brewer, but all Houston breweries. It is much cheaper to buy packaged beer than get small pours, full pours or heaven forbid a flight. The price difference is so significant, I only bought to go. Not a bad spot, but again I don't know why people visit these places when they charge as much or more that bars or dine in establishments.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 8 | Service - 10 | Food - | Value - 9 | Overall - 8

Nosferatu is awesome! Really something special and unique in the Sofia beer scene, it's small and dark but popular and an amazing social space where everyone talks to everyone. Death metal playing, a vampire theme and a good selection of Bulgrarian beers at great prices. Some imports too which change regularly. I had many good nights here!

Setting - 8 | Selection - 7 | Service - 8 | Food - 9 | Value - 8 | Overall - 8

Visited with wife and kids for a lunch on a weekday. Centrally located in Alkmaar, next to the 'Big Church'. Sat outside on their small but cozy patio. Inside is relatively basic and bare, but cozy enough. Had some great lunch here, menu is small but of great quality, had some really excellent food with a Middle-Eastern/North-African touch, for decent prices. Beer selection is small but out of the ordinary, with rotating taps and bottle selection. They now have a beer made by De Moersleutel for their anniversary. Service was very efficient and friendly. Will definitely visit again.