Setting - 7 | Selection - 9 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 9

By far the best beer selection I’ve seen in Zagreb, it’s a way out of the center in a residential area but easily accessible by tram. One big room with a big long communal table in the middle and space outside to have a beer combined with the national hobby of smoking.

Beer selection is very varied with a good selection of Croatian beers along with imports from around the world. Quality stuff too from the US that I didn’t expect to see.

Taps as well with an equally varied selection. Really a top spot.

Setting - 7 | Selection - 5 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 5

Relaxed place at the end of that small and quiet central street. It’s like an old house with a white covered terrace and small interior and bar. Obviously there’s some vague Tolkien theme though everything is a little faded and old. Beer selection is fairly basic though there is some local stuff yielding some interesting ticks for someone new in the country at least. There’s some of the usual suspect Belgian classic available as well. Very close and easy to combine with Craft Room so why not?

Setting - 5 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - | Value - 7 | Overall - 7

A small place interior an a much bigger bench-seated terrace. Just a couple of small rooms inside, one of which houses the bar with 20 taps of mostly local beers. There’s also a fridge with some bottles and cans. A little strangely there’s a tv stuck outside showing football and some pretty bad pop music playing. Decent beer selection and friendly service though.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 7 | Service - 7 | Food - 7 | Value - 6 | Overall - 8

Impressively spacious venue in an old building with a nice patio looking at an old church within the city centre. Beerwise, it's mainly Slot Oostende and Emelisse, many of them can be tried as part of tasting boards, even the Emelisse Ice Bock as an extra (2,50 € for 5 cl), other options like NL craft and Belgians are availabe as well. Food is nicely varied, from beer snacks to full meals, prices are average. Service is attentive and friendly. There is a shop next to the restaurant as well. Recommended if in town.

Setting - 9 | Selection - 10 | Service - 9 | Food - | Value - 9 | Overall - 9

N'ayant jamais eu l'occasion (pas par manque de temps) de visiter l'installation de Molenbeek - la nouvelle brasserie à Tour & Taxis est bien située, même si un peu à l'écart, et la zone continue de se développer.

Taproom adjacent à la brasserie/ligne de production avec une belle terrasse. En cet été, des food trucks viennent quais tous les jours, toutes les bières DLS sont dispo - service tjs sympa avec des anciens du Moeder (qui décidément continue de perdre son bon staff) - prix plus que correct avec qcq 'goodies' à acheter - tshirts, calendrier, décapsuleur, verres, bouteilles, etc.