Zum Franziskaner

Bar in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

Opened in 1889

my_location Skeppsbron 44, Skeppsbron 44, Stockholm, 111 30, Sweden

phone_iphone +4684118330

Taps: 12 Bottles/Cans: 22 Cask: -
The Zum Franziskaner is one of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm.
It was founded by Mrs. Augusta Engelbrecht on December 23rd 1889
The old 1700-century building was torn down and a new one, drawn by Fredrik Dalberg was built by Carl Smith. It was completed in 1910 and Zum Franziskaner moved back in. Some of our interior are from that old beer hall -art nouveau time so we offer a unique and beautiful interior.
Our concept is Swedish-German and we love classic food prepared from scratch inhouse.

When it comes to beer we do support small and independent breweries in Sweden and Germany (Especially Franconia) and you will find beers that are brewed especially for us or are very hard to find outside it’s own region. The quality is always in focus and the main priority for us. None of out draught beers are pasteurized and we believe that’s the only way to serve a good beer. Really, to us that is the true definition of a craft beer
Even though beer is our biggest passion we do have some great wines and spirits as well.

In July 2017 we got the honor of taking care of this beautiful place.
Our goal is to maintain everything old and genuine but at the same time develop both the concept and interior.

There's always something going on.

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